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It's well worthwhile to bring your automobile to a reputable auto shop with certified technicians and genuine OEM parts.

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Tire Department Services in Iowa City, IA

Volkswagen tires often need repairs and preventative maintenance. They are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If you need tires for sale in Iowa City or tire services, look no further than Carousel Volkswagen.

Tire Services

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Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is when a technician regularly changes the position of the tires on your automobile. Be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations for how often this should occur, and otherwise, it should be done every 5,000 miles. It's necessary to do this so that the tires get more even wear, and it extends the life of the tires.

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Wheel Alignment

If the car pulls to the side of the road, your tires are squealing, the steering wheel becomes off-center while you're driving or vibrates as you accelerate, and/or the tire treads have been wearing out unevenly or prematurely, you likely need a four-wheel alignment. This adjusts the car's suspension, or where the vehicle connects to its wheels. It improves the handling of your vehicle.

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Tire Repair

If there's just one puncture point or other cause of a leak that's small, it may be possible to put a patch on it. Otherwise, it's necessary to repair the tire more extensively. This would typically mean that the mechanic takes the tire off the rim, checks out all the crucial areas inside it, and then pushes a rubber stem from the inside out to seal the inside. If there's more serious damage, they will notify you and let you know a time-frame for fixing the issue.

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Tire Inspection

A tire inspection consists of checking the pressure in the tires and seeing if there's any punctures, leaks, uneven wear, or something else that is affecting the tread. A quality technician will also check the wheels' sidewall surfaces to determine if there are any issues.

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Tire Balancing

Tire balancing makes the tires have an even distribution of weight. If you leave your tires imbalanced, this can cause excessive wear, vibration, and damage to the vehicle's suspension, among other things.

A technician conducts this task with a tire balancing machine that spins the tire and wheel assembly to measure the amount of imbalance. They can then install a proper amount of tire weights, and the wheel and tire assembly will become properly balanced.

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Visit Carousel Volkswagen in Iowa City, IA for Your VW Tire Needs

Whether your Volkswagen Jetta needs a new set of tires or your VW Passat just needs a tire rotation, you'll find everything you need at Carousel Volkswagen, serving Coralville. Our tire center offers a wide selection of new tires designed to fit your Volkswagen perfectly. In addition, we have VW-certified technicians who can perform a wide range of services to help you get the most out of your tires. Schedule an appointment online, and then come visit Carousel Volkswagen, serving Newport and Tiffin. We look forward to seeing you!


Tire Service at Carousel Volkswagen

Here at Carousel Volkswagen, we serve the greater Iowa City IA area, including Coralville, North Liberty, Tiffin, and Newport. You can rely on us for professionalism and doing the job right every time. Reach out today with your questions about tire center services and more. When you have such work done at Carousel Volkswagen, you can sit back and relax in the waiting room, use the business workstations, have a complimentary beverage and snack, and rent a vehicle to use or take advantage of the transportation shuttle.

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