Carousel Cares

We're proud to bring Bras for the Cause Funds to the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids Areas. 

When Carousel Motors decided to do something centered around Breast Cancer Awareness month, they wanted to do something different. They wanted to directly impact the people of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and surrounding communities, as those are the people who have made Carousel what it is today.

This particular topic hit close to home at the dealership. The 32 year old daughter of General Manager, Pat Lind, was fighting for her life last year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. So Carousel Auto Group partnered with Bras for the Cause, an organization that keeps money local to be used for women uninsured or under-insured so that they could afford mammograms. By committing to one mammogram per car sold in the last ten days of the month of October, Carousel donated $8300 to Bras for the Cause.

General Manager, Pat Lind shares, "Our dealership wanted to help women find breast cancer early, before it's too late. That is why we felt it important to work with the Bras for the Cause charity that helps pay for mammograms. And, knowing the money would be kept local, was especially meaningful to us. This last month, our daughter Kelley lost her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 33. I don't want any father, husband, brother or anyone for that matter, to have to experience such a loss. Together, we can bring an end to this disease. We thank you for your support."

Carousel Auto Group is committed to one mammogram per car sold in the last ten days of the month of October. When you visit the dealership and purchase a car, you'll be helping a woman in the area get a mammogram that could not otherwise afford one. This marks October as one of the most important sales months ever!

The "Carousel Auto Group Fund" is available at St. Luke's in Cedar Rapids and Mercy Hospital in Iowa City. Women can visit those hospitals and ask about the fund, or apply for a grant here. Donations to our fund our most welcome. Checks may be written to "Bras for the Cause" with Carousel Auto Group Fund in the memo field.